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Raemoir House Hotel in the snow

"The size, complete seclusion and privacy of Raemoir lends itself perfectly to Exclusive Use - no-one need ever know you were here...."

Happy New Year

Welcome to Raemoir and a good New Year to all our guests.

Where does the time go? Another year is over and trying to remember what we accomplished last year is hard enough never mind trying to remember what it was that we set out to do for 2012! The “to-do” lists got drawn up, re-drafted, torn up, drawn up again, thrown away, picked out of the bin, re-written..…the never ending circle of strife. Sometimes it’s what wasn’t planned that is most easily remembered and on reflection, for Raemoir and all the staff that have worked so hard to help re-establish the business, it has to be retaining the Country House Hotel of the Year title. We can plan to paint rooms, renew carpets, change curtains, upholster seats – the list is endless but getting recognition from your peers is probably the most reassuring event that you are doing the right thing. The bigger picture for us is always to keep raising the game at Raemoir and take it to new levels of product and service so 2013 will be another year of challenges…although the priority list is being amended as I type!

Although it looks like a deceptively mild start to the year, I think it would be naïve to think that we will avoid any snow later in the month and no doubt into February as well. This brings its own beauty to Raemoir but also brings the inevitable leaks that are a continual source of head-scratching for Dennis. Ironically, the unwanted water that does occasionally come into the building seems to be balanced by the amount of water that doesn’t come into the building – by way of a couple of showers on the top floor.  Having exhausted all the obvious reasons, we have not been able to yet determine why the water pressure is more of challenge than in the rest of the House so some deeper investigative work will be required although I envisage unearthing more extraordinary plumbing ‘solutions’ as a result of some less than considered DIY arrangements from years gone by….

Carpets upstairs are on the list, a simple lift downstairs, lay upstairs and lay new downstairs was planned however the “boss” (well at least when she is in the hotel at the same time as me), Mrs Rae, has been attracted to a new design for downstairs so the simple plan has become a little more convoluted. The Sitting Room and Dining Rooms are due a refurb which will need scaffold for the ceilings so my apologies in advance for any upheaval or inconvenience over the next few weeks. Already I am looking forward to March!

Our best wishes for 2013.

Enjoy your stay.

Neil and Julie Rae              

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