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Raemoir House Hotel in the snow

"The size, complete seclusion and privacy of Raemoir lends itself perfectly to Exclusive Use - no-one need ever know you were here...."

May 2012

Welcome to Raemoir.

After the extremes of a dry, warm March into one of the wettest April’s on record the weather seems to have returned to some sort of normality – four seasons in one day have not been uncommon over the last few! The grounds remain wet enough for us only to have managed one cut of grass so far this season, and even that had to be done between showers. The flowers are opening up nicely though and the tree foliage thickening heralding a more colourful few months ahead at Raemoir.  Hopefully the occasional overnight frosts will not take their toll.

With the swings in weather the River Dee has been proving a challenge to the fishers, or at least those that have been staying with us.  I dare not lay any claim to my expertise on the water but so far catches have been recorded as depressingly low with an early return to the Bar for a consolatory dram or two! The weather has been so erratic that one group told of farmer friends who were thinking twice about planting a potato crop this year as the cost and effort would likely not provide a commercial return. I dare say we will see the price of potatoes rise as a result and therefore so will our Haddock & Chips! It is extraordinary to believe that such a pleasant warm spell in March will have implications on our business later in the year.

With the Marquee finally in place we now have to consider the landscaping and grassing of the surrounding ground. The rain has meant we have lost the first sewing so hopefully the second will be more successful. We originally expected an upfill of around 2 feet to have the base for the Marquee level with the house and kitchen but in the end, at the furthest out point, it was nearer 5 feet so a use was found for the redundant tennis court. However the excavation has now left us with a bit of an eyesore so a pond would seem the obvious feature. I had thought it would be best placed at the far side but having observed the water there stagnant and that the near side seems to have a natural flow across it there is not much point in fighting that which already exists so as soon as everything dries up it’ll be back in with the diggers to shape out something a little more attractive.

Inside the house some of the bedrooms have come under Mrs Rae’s eagle-eyed scrutiny again (no, that’s not her sitting on the stair window sill..) but planning in her intended works is the next challenge. With business increasing there are less opportunities to close rooms for a few days (if the truth were told after 18 months of trying to re-establish the business I am not inclined to do so for any length of time!) but in order to progress it must be done so my apologies for any upheaval and the smell of paint once again. Hopefully the results will be worth it.

With our Michelin Guide recommendation, David Littlewood heads the kitchen brigade in grand style. Three of the brigade, Alexandria, Sam and Mike are all through to different categories in the Grampian Chef of the Year competition finals this month so hopefully we will have more news next. Fabrice is the new man on the team and is shaking up the Restaurant so be ready to succumb to his Gallic upselling techniques. Stephenie and Tamarah can be found at reception and Kim keeps the place clean so if there is anything you need, please just let us know.

We hope you enjoy your stay

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