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Raemoir House Hotel in the snow

"The size, complete seclusion and privacy of Raemoir lends itself perfectly to Exclusive Use - no-one need ever know you were here...."

March 2012

The weather has probably been the biggest issue of late. Last year we were recovering from 3 months of snow so we should be grateful, but it has caused a few irritations.

Over the last few weeks our main challenge has been the heating system and a temperamental boiler both of which are near impossible to understand.

Guests last month will be aware of the radiator and plumbing issues we have discovered however after weeks of trial and error we finally managed to get everything working as best we could to contend with the expected seasonal weather. However, on the last Monday in February, the temperature outside was so unseasonably high that we turned the heating off as inside the house it had risen uncomfortably. There is no thermostatic control over the heating system apart from a dial on the boiler so the house temperature has no effect on the output!

As we drew into the afternoon a light breeze started to make it feel airish inside so thinking ahead for the evening, the heating was turned back on. An hour later the radiators had not warmed up so the boiler was checked. It had tripped for some reason so we switched it on again only to have to repeat the whole process half an hour later. The boiler appeared to be pumping against a restriction in the line then shutting itself down. The main circulation pump was suspected and a quick call to our friendly plumber confirmed our suspicions and that a new one was needed. As the boiler also provides heat for the hot water supply we left it on to ensure there was enough for all our guests next morning. But the story doesn’t end quite that simply.

car temperature gauge

When driving home later I noticed the temperature on the gauge in the car. It’s hard to remember when we felt 15.5 degrees at any time over the last year never mind at 10.30pm on 27th February but the picture tells the story.  What a strange experience being able to drive home at this time of night with the window open and not suffer a frostbitten right ear!

It was a slightly cooler, but still arguably unseasonal, 10 degrees when returning to work at 6am the next morning, but inevitably, on reflection, the condemned pump had decided to take on a new lease of life overnight and the temperature in the house had risen to a degree just below suffocating! So much for our planning. It never rains but it pours…. with hot water in our case! The priority list is not getting any shorter. Onward and upward…

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