Exclusive Use

Raemoir House Hotel in the snow

"The size, complete seclusion and privacy of Raemoir lends itself perfectly to Exclusive Use - no-one need ever know you were here...."

The Raemoir “Hilltop” Restaurant

August 2011

At Raemoir we are always looking for something different for our customers so we have started taking brides and grooms up the Hill of Fare for a unique photo opportunity. It’s a fabulous setting and it was during one of these shoots that we came up with the idea of possibly serving dinner there. This year for the Banchory Summer Ball auction, organised for charity by Logan Sangster, we decided to offer Dinner, Bed & Breakfast for 2 with the dinner being served on top of the Hill. The lot was so successful that we were encouraged to enter another for Dinner for 10. The bidding was extraordinary to say the least and we were absolutely delighted that the combined lots raised almost £4000 for charity. Of course, with such endeavours, there are always things that are not thought about initially – in this case some form of shelter, and given the “summer” we have just had it was completely necessary! We asked Esslemont Marquees if they could help out and…..well the picture tells the story. The dinner for 10 turned into 14 and the original dinner for 2 into an 8 such was the excitement and desire to share the experience. David, our Executive Chef, created a fabulous menu, all prepared in the marquee and the weather thankfully remained dry, although we did think that our own Hurricane Irene was determined to join in for a while! Would we do it again? Absolutely – how unique an experience do you want?

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